Who are the Surveying Sisterhood?

We’re a diverse collection of construction professionals at many stages of our career who came together when we realised that we all kept asking the same questions and seeking the answers to the same problems. We’re still looking for those elusive answers, but then, isn’t life one big learning curve anyway?

We slowly came to realise that there are many answers to what we sought already out there, and yet more like-minded women, also seeking safe places to talk, support, encouragement and networking opportunities. It’s our aim to promote and signpost these groups and the many remarkable role models we found doing amazing work already. We want to make them visible, accessible and more than anything, to bring as many women in varied construction disciplines together, to join our voices and redefine what it means to be a woman in our chosen careers.

We are qualified, highly skilled and sought-after professionals and we want to celebrate this and the many achievements that we accomplish every day. By making these successes visible, it stands to reason that more women will come and join us in our beloved professions. This is how real, effective and lasting change can happen.

Please do browse our posts and share and comment – we’re always looking for contributors too, the Sisterhood is for everyone, inclusive, and is open to all who wish to be a part of, or simply offer support. There are no boundaries to what we want to achieve. We want to champion and spread the good work that is already being done – and hopefully inspire and encourage our Sisters to step out of the shadows, connect, and feel confident to take the path to their dream career, that’s already waiting to be fulfilled.

Let’s be the difference



2 thoughts on “Who are the Surveying Sisterhood?

    1. Hey! Yes, we absolutely support everyone, irrespective of gender identity, ethnicity, sexuality. We all simply love Surveying and Construction and want to celebrate that. If you want to be a Sister, all it involves is support and celebration 🙂 NLS


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